Pharmaceutical Checkweigher Station

VISIOTT Pharmaceutical Checkweigher Station verifies the weight of the item with its digital load cell without stopping the high-speed production line. The checkweigher can be designed and constructed in numerous ways according to the overall weight, type and the shape of the produced item. The area of utilization varies from pharmaceutical products to food packaging and much more.

VISIOTT Checkweigher checks the weight of the product on the high-speed production line and removes from the line all products which are not between the predetermined acceptable weight gap.

The load cell is tested in accordance with the OIML standards. The print-and-apply system is able to calculate the price of the item according to its weight and applies the label with the price on the products. Any product without a price tag is removed from the line.

The system is controlled by L2 Line Manager software which is specially designed and developed by VISIOTT. L2 Line Manager supports work order and product recipe systems in accordance with the industrial dynamics and is fully integrated with the L3 Plant Manager software.


  • Processes up to 200 items per minute
  • Flexible design with different tolerances
  • Integration with the print-and-apply applications
  • Supports recipe management and complete integration with other VISIOTT software
  • User friendly interface with a touchscreen monitor
  • GMP, GAMP 5  and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
Technical Documents / Catalog

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Design Information

Unit Code: CW-100
Design No
: AGE0132
ID : 1322341

Technical Details

(1) Needs to be tested according to products to be manufactured and working environment.
(2) Changeable according to the viscosity of the product to be manufactured.