TheraSkin Products Became Traceable with VISIOTT

TheraSkin Products Become Traceable with VISIOTT

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Firm: TheraSkin
Location: São Paulo / Brazil
Industry: Pharmaceutical – Dermocosmetic

TheraSkin, founded in 1931, is a corporation that strives for an innovative culture by cooperating with businesses, universities, and research institutions to create pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic goods. They sought to employ traceability technologies to move industrial operations beyond the period and to assure the supply chain’s security and transparency.

Following the meetings with VISIOTT, the plan’s needs and objectives were identified. The core requirements were serialization and aggregation solutions, and further objectives included notification software and sustainable business management. The picking station for SAP integration and warehouse management were the other two things on the list of demands

ISS-100 with Products

High Speed, High-Quality Solutions, and Cost-Effective

TheraSkin chose the VISIOTT Carton Serialization Station ISS-100, which is commonly used for serialization in numerous industries, particularly pharmaceuticals. The VISIOTT Carton Serialization Station, which is compliant with GAMP 5 and 21 CFR Part 11, would fully meet all national and international regulations.

The ISS-100 was designed to work with two TheraSkin production lines and can apply 2D coding at speeds of up to 400 items per minute. By conducting all of the following procedures, the commissioned VISIOTT Carton Serialization Station became an innovative answer to TheraSkin’s traceability requirements:

  • Application of 2D code with human-readable data
  • Verifying 2D code and eye-readable information with OCR/OCV
  • Rejecting products with incorrect code application from the line.

Making the Best Use of Time and Labor

A solution that performs the aggregation process during the product packing phase would greatly simplify business management for TheraSkin. The Semi-Automatic Case Packer with Aggregation SACP-100 was a creative and useful station that automatically filled the boxes with the items while performing the aggregation procedure.

When we look at the SACP-100 process stages, we can see that it automatically stacks the serialized items that are ready to be packed and moved along the line. Products that are stacked are automatically inserted into the station’s box by the operator. A high-resolution industrial camera reads the 2D codes on the products in the box, and the transport label is instantly generated from the printer. With all these advantages, SACP-100, which automatically puts more than 300 boxes in a minute and handles the aggregation process, was ideal for TheraSkin.

SACP-100 with Cartons

Managing Traceability Operations

In order to manage the solutions built for TheraSkin and track traceability data, VISIOTT Plant Manager (Level 3), which is a complex but user-friendly solution, was deployed, and SAP integration was made. The VISIOTT Plant Manager began to carry out tasks like assigning work orders, serializing, and storing data.

VISIOTT Plant Manager (Level 3) manages TheraSkin’s master data and bill of materials. VISIOTT Plant Manager, which is EPCIS and FEEM compatible, can track serial number life cycles.

Plant Manager Software
MMS-100 Picking Station

Warehouse Management

The Manual Multifunctional Station MMS-100 is a modular solution that satisfies TheraSkin’s need for digital-based management in warehouse operations. The MMS-100, also known as a picking station in the industry, can be utilized in practically all traceability operations due to its mobile structure.

VISIOTT solutions are created using a customer-centric and modern approach. End-to-end software-hardware solutions are both functional and cost-effective. With its integrated systems and machinery for production lines, VISIOTT is always there for its customers in addition to providing traceability solutions and software services.

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