How did MONDELĒZ Enhance Its Supply Chain Security?

How did MONDELĒZ Enhance Its Supply Chain Security?


Customer: Mondelēz International
Location: Kocaeli / TURKEY
Employees: 80.000+
Industry: Food

Offering the “right snack” to people in over 150 countries around the world, Mondelēz International is a global company with its tens of well-known brands.

DHL International GmbH is a logistics company that is a US-based German courier, parcel, and expresses mail service. The company delivers more than 1.6 billion packages annually, including Mondelez International’s products.

Mondelēz International and DHL Turkey wanted to take action about Milka’s Bonibon product packaging. Since Bonibon had an easy-to-open packaging lid, it brought some risks. Finding a solution without changing the packaging structure, which is identified with the brand and very popular, was the primary principle.


Predicted Risks

Consumer Health: There was a possibility that foreign matterial could be added to the box before the product reached the end-user.

Logistics – Storage: In the processes that are opening the lid during transportation and filling the shelves there could be a product loss.

Brand Image: The reduction of the product and the differentiation of the weight values before reaching the end-user could adversely affect the brand image.

Based on the principle of “we do the right thing”, which is one of its values, Mondelēz International contacted VISIOTT, which has been producing innovative solutions for production processes since 2005 for a secure supply chain through DHL Turkey. VISIOTT’s history of efficient and applicable solutions, the importance it attaches to product safety, and reference studies were the most powerful reasons for it to be chosen.


Our Priority

Product Safety

The producers who are conscious and official authorities are working to ensure that the production-storage-distribution phases are carried out successfully by prioritizing product safety. A safe product can be summarized as a product that does not carry any risk for consumers. The increase in consumer awareness has also increased the purchase and search for safe products. Product safety can be achieved by many different methods such as the security label application that provides security without intervening in the design of the packaging. Security label application for product security is a solution with more than one parameter. The packaging structure is the most important factor in terms of “security label applicability”.


Goal-Oriented Solution

“VISIOTT Tamper-Evident Machine for Tube Cartons TEMTC-100”

After the meetings between VISIOTT and Mondelēz International, the “proof of concept” design and demo were prepared by the project engineers and technicians as a result of the detailed research of the VISIOTT R&D department. Final production started after Mondelēz International approval.

VISIOTT Tamper-Evident Machine for Tube Cartons has met the need by applying security labels to 260 product covers per minute with its automatic loading unit, security label applicator, and reject mechanism design. The security label draws attention with its tamper-evident. In this way, it can be detected whether the product cover has been opened before the end-user and product safety can be guaranteed.


Without changing the originality of the packaging, the problem is solved. Thanks to the security label applied, product safety has been ensured and the risks at the logistics stage have been eliminated. In addition to all these, the possibility of damaging the company’s reputation is minimized and brand reliability is brought to the fore.

VISIOTT is an effective solution partner in many industries with the systems it has developed end-to-end. Its customer-oriented solutions are on the way to becoming indispensable for a sustainable and safe supply chain. With its hardware and software solutions designed under a single roof, VISIOTT is always your solution supplier, as it is today.

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