Ali Raif Case Study: From Aggregation Solution to Serialization Preference

Ali Raif Case Study:
From Aggregation Solution to Serialization Preference


Firm: Ali Raif İlaç Sanayi
Location: İstanbul / Türkiye
Industry: Pharmaceutical

Ali Raif İlaç was founded in 1928 as Ali Raif and Şeriki and had been operating in the pharmaceutical industry since 1963, Ali Raif has adopted respect for people, reliability, and success as a principle in all its activities since the day it was founded.

Ali Raif has adopted the mission of providing high-quality services and products to society and met with VISIOTT officials to innovate its own traceability systems in this direction. VISIOTT, which has made a name for its innovative systems, analyzed Ali Raif Pharmaceuticals’ production area and line systems within the project. Work on a solution was started for Ali Raif, which decided to carry out the aggregation process under its own roof.

Bundle Process

On-Site Aggregation Application

It was decided to implement a demo as the first step of the study. Designed to respond to all kinds of aggregation needs in production, packaging, storage, and shipment operations in many industries, the Horizontal Manual Aggregation Station MAS-100 was commissioned for a three-month trial period in Ali Raif İlaç production facility.

VISIOTT Plant Manager Software (Level 3) was installed for work order assignment and notification. Shortly after the carry into the action of MAS-100, Ali Raif saved time, business management, and economics. Thus, the aggregation project, which started on a single line, was the beginning of a long story.

The Extraordinary Development of the Process That Started on a Single Line

Ali Raif İlaç started the second phase of the studies after receiving a remarkable efficiency from the demo application. MAS-100, which stands out with its ergonomics and ease of use, joined the system for two more lines after the completion of the Site Acceptance Test (SAT), validation, and qualification applications. Shortly after, Ali Raif İlaç requested MAS-100 for another line, thus switching to aggregation in four lines.

From Aggregation to Serialization

With the solutions offered by VISIOTT, Ali Raif İlaç started to implement aggregation in its own production facility. Since Ali Raif was satisfied with VISIOTT systems and service understanding, they wanted the existing serialization stations changed with the VISIOTT signed solutions. For this reason, the action was taken to replace the serialization stations currently used by Ali Raif with VISIOTT stations, in short, to move the project to the next level.

After discussions between Ali Raif officials and VISIOTT engineers, the project was detailed to install serialization stations on six lines. In addition to the serialization stations, the project included one MAS-100 and one Semi-Automatic Aggregation Station SMAS-100.

Our Story Continues

Needs, field analysis, SAT, validation, qualification, and all the details that concern the whole process; It was detected by VISIOTT experts. The planning was carried out jointly with Ali Raif officials. VISIOTT, which produces all its solutions under its own roof, was able to include Ali Raif Pharmaceuticals officials in every step of the project and the solutions were designed specifically for their needs.

Within the scope of the growing project as a result of being satisfied with the efficiency and expertise obtained from an aggregation station; A total of six aggregation stations, one SMAS-100 and five MAS-100, and six ISS-100 serialization stations were successfully be put into use. VISIOTT adopts the principle of providing “more than promised” solutions because it believes in long-term togetherness; Thanks to its 24/7 support service, fast spare parts delivery, and many more services, it never finishes the story…

Automatic Convenience to Manual Actions

Enterprises that make manual packaging obtain an effective solution with the system that will bring together the aggregation and packaging stages. VISIOTT Semi-Automatic Aggregation Station SMAS-100 is designed with the manual packaging processes of companies in mind.

The station performs the aggregation process using the data of the serialized products contained in multiple layers in the case. By automatically adjusting the position for each layer at different heights, the system guarantees that the camera’s focal length is always in the same spot.


Multiple Advantages: High Speed, Quality DataMatrix & Ergonomic Design

VISIOTT Carton Serialization Station ISS-100, designed for serialization needs, can perform the barcoding process by using different printing technologies according to the need. After the 2D code is applied, and industrial high-speed camera analyzes the code and verifies it according to the ISO 15415 standard. In the final stage, the boxes that are not verified as a result of the analysis are separated from the line by the reject mechanism.

The ISS-100, can serialize up to 400 boxes per minute and saves workspace with its minimal design. It was the right choice for Ali Raif İlaç according to VISIOTT engineers and of course, they were not mistaken. The Carton Serialization Station ISS-100 for six lines was prepared and delivered in a very short time by VISIOTT’s experienced teams.

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