360° Bottle Serialization Station

You can serialize the bottles used as primary packaging and much preferred in the U.S. market with VISIOTT bottle labeling and serialization station. However, the serialization of the bottle does not guarantee its traceability in the supply chain. The FDA aims to ensure that each drug packaging can be traceable in the supply chain with DSCSA by 2023. Therefore, hierarchies such as bundles, cases, boxes, and pallets that move within the supply chain of drugmakers and warehouses also need to be serialized. 

This system enables the establishment of transport unit hierarchies of bottles that are in a cylinder or prismatic form and carry the GS1 Datamatrix in an indefinite position in the body. 360o Bottle Serialization Station first prints an auxiliary code onto the cap or base of the drug. This printing can be done with CIJ or laser printer technology according to customer requirements. Auxiliary code printing may be visible or invisible according to project requirements. Then 6 industrial cameras on the system take a picture of the bottle from all directions and decode it and establish the relationship between the auxiliary code and the serialized GS1 Datamatrix code. If the auxiliary code or the code in the body cannot be read, the system automatically rejects the bottle from the line. The system is designed to allow serialization of bottles of different geometry and sizes.

Associated auxiliary codes printed on the cap or base of the bottle can be read with multiple Data Matrix reading solutions to establish a hierarchy. After the hierarchies of the transport units with a parent-child relationship are established, the transport unit is labeled with GS1 SSCC. Now the carrier carrying SSCC has been traceable within the supply chain. To get information about VISIOTT’s solutions for high-performance multiple data matrix reading and aggregation stations, please click here. In this way, the hierarchy of the GS1 Datamatrix code with which the auxiliary code is associated can be easily established at all levels.

Line Management

VISIOTT’s Level 2 Line Manager Software, which focuses on serialization operations, manages line operations. Operation information such as prescriptions, work orders, and master data on the line is stored in a single database. 21 CFR Part 11 compliant architecture offers full audit trail and reporting opportunities. Line Manager Software can be easily integrated into any Level 3 software within the factory. 

The 360o bottle serialization station, which is completely manufactured using industrial equipment, has the capacity to serialize 300 bottles per minute for HPDE bottles with a diameter of 40mm. The system, which is completely designed following GMP rules, complies with business safety rules.


Bottle Serialization
360° Inspection System

Technical Documents / Catalog

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Design Information

Unit Code: BPAS-100

Design No : VTT492

ID : 6324234

Technical Details

Max Speed*300 Bottle/Minute
Min. Bottle Size35 mm
Max. Bottle Size120 mm
Min. Readable 2D Code Resolution2.5 ppm
Camera Resolution1936 x 1216 px (2 Mpx)
Optional Helper PrinterCIJ
Reject MechanismPiston
Voltage / Frequency110 V / 220 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions (W/L/H)1800 x 1150 x 2245 mm
MaterialStainless Steel
ComputerFanless Industrial Computer
OperationTouch Screen Monitor
* Related with unit dimensions