The Ugly Obstacle to Beautification: Counterfeit Cosmetics

The Ugly Obstacle to Beautification: Counterfeit Cosmetics

When it comes to the concept of cosmetic products, make-up materials come to mind first, but the product range of this industry is quite wide: creams, aftershaves, perfumes, shampoos, and even bath salts… Although the purpose of all of them is different, the common purpose is to be well-groomed, beautiful, and feel good. Since ancient times, kings, queens, nobles, and even people, for the sake of being beautiful and well-groomed, used products in line with the cosmetic understanding of that time. But wouldn’t it scare you that counterfeit products used for the sake of beauty damage your skin? Today, counterfeit cosmetics and the dangers they emit have come to compete with the effort to be beautiful.

The water we drink to quench our thirst makes us even more thirsty, or the food we eat to fill our stomach makes us hungrier even more… Of course, such a thing is not possible, but a skin that is worn out while trying to be well-groomed, and sickened while trying for beauty, has unfortunately become possible and even a frequently encountered situation.

Counterfeit Cosmetics

Counterfeit Cosmetics and Their Overlooked Effect

Counterfeit cosmetic products using can cause discomfort that manifests itself with allergic reactions in a short time after, but the long-term effect is even more terrible. It has many more effects, up to the point of skin cancer! On the other hand, brands that carry out production and official product notification by considering public health are the closest friends of those who want to be well-groomed.

The Washington Post reported in 2015 that rat droppings, arsenic, and lead were found in counterfeit cosmetics. Also, the FBI (2014) has found some counterfeit products to carry carcinogens like arsenic, beryllium, and cadmium, all of which can cause serious internal and external damage. Some counterfeits seized by law enforcement have also tested positive for high levels of bacteria and human waste. Although there has been an increase in the use of cosmetic products since then, the market share of cosmetic products has been declining in 2020. One of the most important effects of this is the increase in the market share of unregistered counterfeit cosmetic products. This problem affects manufacturers more than you can imagine. Financial losses may occur as well as the reputation and prestige of the company that is at risk. VISIOTT is the industry’s most reliable solution partner, producing solutions to prevent all these for years.

Fight Cosmetic Product Counterfeiting

Of course, the positive effect of fighting counterfeit cosmetics and this informal economy is not just for the consumer. In fact, this war is a chain reaction.

Pages of reports prepared by dozens of dermatologists, health workers, and high-quality, healthy cosmetic products produced using high technology… On the other hand, uncontrolled, poisonous counterfeit cosmetic products are unclear what they contain and where they are produced. It’s quite annoying that so much effort, and the attempt to be on the side of the consumer, is undermined by counterfeit cosmetic products. If the manufacturer guarantees the reliability of its products, counterfeit cosmetics will disappear from the market; Thus, the brand image and value will not be shaken and the risk of facing sanctions will be reduced to zero. What is more, in this way, tIn this way, the state can prevent the informal economy. At this point, it is time to answer the question that comes to mind. How do ensure cosmetic product reliability and fight cosmetic product counterfeiting? Answer: to use an “effective and efficient traceability system.”

Let’s imagine that every product is accompanied by an identity. When and where was the product manufactured? What are its components and where were they manufactured or did they come from? When did the product leave the factory? Which warehouse did it go to? From which store, which user did it reach? The answers to all these questions can be easily reached with the traceability system that includes serialization and aggregation processes.

Here is the simplest explanation of how the fight against counterfeit cosmetic products will be: Products that are customized with the serialization process are traceable thanks to the 2D code applied to their packaging. Since this code is impossible to copy, it will be very easy for counterfeit products that almost occupy the cosmetics market to reveal themselves.

We Care About Brand Image

With the innovative systems we have developed, VISIOTT TPS stands by the cosmetic industry for the safety of all these products in every corner of our lives. We share common concerns about counterfeit cosmetics and help you ensure your quality with our end-to-end traceability solutions.

Our effective solutions, which perform 2D coding and tamper-evident applications according to product packaging, checkweigher, and vision inspection systems, which are important actors in quality control processes, are designed for our manufacturers. Furthermore, VISIOTT TPS solutions which are customizable, and designed according to needs and expectations, have been made available to many manufacturers to date.

Thanks to VISIOTT TPS traceability systems, you meet legal requirements while performing your serialization and aggregation operations. You can contact us to get information about our software and hardware solutions specially designed for you and to direct your questions.








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