Checkweigher: The Indispensible Quality Control Process

Checkweigher: Indispensable To The Quality Control Process

Technology is constantly evolving. Manufacturers who do not miss this development by considering the requirements of the age and always carry it one step further are of course the reason for preference. Checkweigher stations, which are used in various industries and indispensable for quality processes, continue to appear in production areas by taking their share of development.

For these reasons, manufacturers are constantly seeking innovation in their production operations due to legal requirements, targeting a quality increase in production and understanding of competition. Many hardware and software used from raw material supply to production line, even packaging and logistics are now basic needs. In addition to these basic requirements, it is necessary to use technology effectively to be the brand preferred by the consumer and to be among those mentioned in national and international competition. Checkweigher stations are also a must for some industries, in particular, to meet requirements and ensure quality standards in production.

Checkweigher Weights

What is Checkweigher?

Electromechanical scales that measure the weights of the products moving on the production line without stopping the line and automatically separate the products with weight outside the specified intervals from the line are called checkweighers.

What Distinguishes Checkweigher Stations from Other Scales?

Checkweigher stations are among the most basic devices that provide production standards and quality control. Can you imagine its role in the production of products that are quantity (liters/grams) based and for which quantity writing on the package is mandatory? You might think, “Weighing can be done manually with any digital balance.” However, for production operations where the volume of production is large and speed is important, this idea does not make sense. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, where milligrams, milliliters, and the prospectus in the packaging are vitally important, the use of low-precision digital balances can have irreversible consequences. Of course, a margin of error or tolerance value must be taken into account for every industry. But, when we say tolerance value and sensitivity, differences of 1 or 2 grams may come to mind. For some industries, such a deviation is commonplace, however “precise” means a difference of 0.1 grams, and we should know that only highly engineered checkweighers can make this measurement.

Industries That Prefer Checkweigher Stations

The use of checkweigher, as we mentioned above, is necessary for quality control processes. For this reason, all industries whose products are of a certain weight can use checkweighers. Both the cement plant whose 50 kg bags pass through the production line and the baking soda manufacturer whose 5 g packages pass can also use a checkweigher. The industries that are widely used are given below.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry

The contents of drug packaging may consist of various complementary materials. These are prospectuses, spoons, straws, droppers, etc., and the lack of this material leads to some problems. Therefore, its deficiencies can be identified by the precise weight measurement of the checkweigher and the packaging can be guaranteed to be complete. The completeness of the blister, which is the primary packaging, and the discrepancy in the milliliter of the syrups are also situations that can be detected with the checkweigher.

In the cosmetic industry, there are also products with various materials in the packaging. In addition to that, deodorants, perfumes, and various hair care equipment are aerosol products and since aerosols are volatile, their amount may be lost over time. To avoid all these negativities, precise weight measurements of cylindrical products can be carried out with checkweigher stations designed considering the packaging type.

Food Industry

The inclusion of weight information on packaging is required by law in many countries. For consumers, the weight information on the package and the actual weight must be consistent. Any inconsistency in the information provided will cause the reputation of the company to decrease. However, putting more products in the package than it should be will also cause the company to suffer losses.

As a result, checkweighers made specifically for the food industry should be used to keep quality assurance processes functioning. The checkweigher stations produced for food can be washed according to the manufacturer’s request and can be produced with the feature of applying weight/price labels. Automatic checkweighers designed with this feature ensure maximum efficiency from production processes.

Checkweigher stations are improving day by day and their usage area is becoming widespread. Apart from the above-mentioned industries, checkweighers are used in many other areas such as chemical, cleaning products, electronics industry, and disassembled furniture industry.

Other Benefits of Checkweigher

As all this implies, checkweigher stations are not just weighing instruments. Checkweigher; contributes to the effective management of quality processes, meets legal requirements, and ensures that the required amount of product is included in the packaging. In this way, an efficient operation process takes place and possible damages can be prevented.

The automatic measurement process without stopping the line is directly related to the speed. In production operations carried out with manual weighing, all processes will be slow and the production volume will be low in this context. In addition, reporting, which is at the heart of crucial processes such as efficient maintenance and planning of production operations, is one of the most basic features of an innovative checkweigher station. Reporting at the desired time interval (hourly, daily), numerical information, and statistics about the products passing over the line are among the operations that only a well-engineered, checkweigher can do. So how can these features take advantage?

By looking at the data as a result of the reports, improvements, maintenance, calibration, and verification processes can be performed on the production lines. As can be seen, all the gains are the improvement of production, which is considered the first circle of the supply chain, and the factors that directly affect the brand value of the manufacturer.

Precise, Accurate, and Fast Weighing: VISIOTT Checkweigher Stations

VISIOTT’s checkweigher stations have long been preferred in various industries for distinctive reasons such as easy integration, quality material, customizability, etc. VISIOTT checkweighers are innovative solutions designed to easily respond to the production requirements of industries.

VISIOTT checkweighers are diversified into FCW-100 for the food industry, PCW-100 for the pharmaceutical industry, and SCW-100 for aerosol and cylindrical packaged products. All VISIOTT checkweigher stations comply with all requirements such as OIML, MID, GAMP5, 21 CFR Part 11.

VISIOTT checkweigher stations, which can carry out precise weighing of up to 300 products per minute with an accuracy of 0.1 g, are used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and commercial explosives industries. Checkweigher stations record statistical data and report on the entire production operation thanks to software developed by VISIOTT’s expert engineers.

The spare parts service of VISIOTT, which has representatives in many parts of the world, is long-term. Furthermore, VISIOTT is with you 24/7 with after-sales support. You can contact us to get more information about checkweigher stations and to ask questions if you have any.







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