Malaysia Vaccine Traceability Pilot Project

Malaysia Vaccine Traceability Pilot Project

Human beings have been familiar with vaccines since infancy and vaccines have become a current issue in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The conditions related to production, storage and distribution became more known and important with the introduction of vaccines. However, some authorities considered the safety of vaccines in the supply chain before the pandemic. For example, the Malaysia Vaccine Traceability Pilot Project was launched independently of the pandemic.

Having been started in 2020, the Malaysia Vaccine Traceability Pilot Project has expanded further with the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines, although the expansion was limited before the pandemic. Malaysia Vaccine Traceability Pilot Project is carried out to certain standards, as in all traceability applications. All of these standards serve a very important purpose, to ensure the safety of vaccines.

Importance of Vaccine Traceability

Vaccination programs cover the entire population in many countries of the world. Even in undeveloped countries, vaccination programs are carried out through international aid organizations.

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It is an undeniable fact that vaccines with such a wide range of applications will arouse counterfeiters’ interest. It should be also noted that vaccines are expensive medications. The only way to reduce the risk to zero is to ensure vaccine traceability.

Vaccine tracking systems monitor the life cycle of the vaccine. The answer to the what, where, when, and why questions about all the points the vaccines go through the supply chain, from the production to the injection, can only be answered by vaccine traceability, whether there is a cold chain or not. Traceability can also provide information on whether cold chain conditions in the supply chain are violated. Vaccine tracking systems, which can be integrated with digital tools during the implementation of vaccine programs, are the guarantee of transparency.

Malaysia Vaccine Traceability Pilot Project was launched for fighting against counterfeiting and more systematic monitoring of vaccine programs. National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) Malaysia, which has authority over Malaysia Vaccine Traceability, is constantly sharing updates on the project with industry stakeholders.

Details on Malaysia Vaccine Traceability Pilot Project

The supply chain management of the vaccination program until the injection is administered to the individual, regardless of the vaccine, is a process whose safety and transparency should be well analyzed. Every day there is an improvement in the applications of vaccines, all stages of which require attention. Malaysia Vaccine Traceability Pilot Project keeps up with the developments.

When Malaysia Vaccine Traceability Pilot Project first launched, it covered specific vaccines. It has become a widespread practice with the works of the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency Malaysia. Malaysia Vaccine Traceability, which started in 2020, has been detailed with the COVID-19 vaccine program as we stated, and has become a project where all vaccines are traceable since January 2023.

NPRA announced a development plan for the Malaysia Vaccine Traceability Pilot Project in July 2022 to cover the entire supply chain. According to this plan, the system is aimed to cover the entire supply chain from license holders (PRH), manufacturers and importers to the end user. All vaccines included in the National Immunization Program are also included in the scope of the Malaysia Vaccine Traceability Pilot Project.

Efficient Solutions for Vaccine Traceability

Creating the difference with the solutions it has developed from the days when traceability was mandatory, VISIOTT produces systems for Malaysia Vaccine Traceability. In addition to the serialization and aggregation stations it has developed, VISIOTT also has software that performs management, reporting and notification processes, and image processing technologies that are indispensable for stages of quality.

Be Innovative in the Serialization Process

ISS-100 Carton Serialization Station is one of the key actors preferred for serialization in Malaysia Vaccine Traceability Pilot Project with its speed and ergonomic structure. Performing high-speed serialization for manufacturers using unfolded boxes, FCSS-100 Flat Carton Serialization Station is another solution for Malaysia Vaccine Traceability.

Providing multiple benefits by combining serialization and tamper-evident security label application processes, ISSTE-200 Carton Serialization with Tamper Evident Labelling is among the favourite products of VISIOTT TPS. VBL-300 Vial Labelling and Serialization Station, which directly labels and serializes the vials preferred for vaccine production, stands out with its speed, replaceable starwheel and easy integration.

The Best Aggregation Solution for You

The aggregation process is a key stage for an organized traceability system. VISIOTT TPS stations, which will carry out this important step the most appropriately according to your packaging type and production line, are the ideal solutions for you.

Preferred by vaccine manufacturers in Malaysia, MAS-100 Horizontal Manual Aggregation Station successfully aggregates a large number of products thanks to its large reading area and special imaging system. MAS-200 Vertical Manual Aggregation Station performing the same operation with the same success is another innovative VISIOTT TPS solution preferred according to the process feature. Produced especially for companies that package their products manually, SMAS-100 Semi-Automatic Aggregation Station performs the aggregation process by using the data of the products organized in layers. SACP-100 Semi-Automatic Case Packer with Aggregation, which accelerates the operation processes by combining the packaging and aggregation process, is among the VISIOTT TPS solutions that make a difference in aggregation. ABAS-100 Automatic Bundle Aggregation Station is the most accurate solution to be used for bundling at the packaging stages.

Preferred as a part of the Malaysia Vaccine Traceability Pilot Project, VISIOTT TPS solutions provide multiple benefits to manufacturers. VISIOTT TPS meets all global standards and are produced with an all-in-one production approach. In this way, fast delivery and rapid integration to the lines take place. Offering 24/7 after-sales support, VISIOTT TPS eliminates the unaccessible supplier problem. VISIOTT TPS produces long-lasting systems thanks to its choice of durable materials and uses easily accessible spare parts.

VISIOTT TPS is always with you thanks to its sales and service network and you can immediately contact and get information for the solutions you look for!








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