Industry 4.0 & Pharma 4.0

Industry 4.0 & Pharma 4.0

The concept of Industry 4.0, which was first used at the Hannover Fair in Germany in 2011, has ceased to be a word frequently heard by the manager, engineer, technical team or anyone in the industry and is widespread throughout the world. Even those who are not engaged in the production or working within any technological operation have integrated Industry 4.0 into their speech or writing. So where is Pharma 4.0 in that? Before we talk about it, let’s look a little more at Industry 4.0.

Historical events took their names years or even centuries after they happened. A soldier at the front during World War, did not know that he had witnessed World War I. The Industrial Revolution, which started with the replacement of manual power by steam engine power in the 18th century, gained its name much later. Industry 4.0, on the other hand, was named as a process to be experienced differently. While history is giving us direction, are we now ahead of history? Actually, both results are possible for the conditions of the period that we are living in.


Concept of Industry 4.0

We can define this controversial term as the combination of visible technology and invisible technology. Industry 4.0, which is also described as the partnership of information technologies and industry, essentially refers to a basic comprehensive innovative system. Internet of things, Internet of services and cyber-physical systems are components of the Industry 4.0 organization which is the operation of hardware with a digital management.

Functionality of Industry 4.0 in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Pharma 4.0

Shortly before the emergence of the concept of Industry 4.0, the internet of things started to be used in the pharmaceutical industry. The implementation of pharmaceutical traceability in Turkey for the first time in 2010 may raise two important questions in your mind:

1- Did Pharma 4.0 start before Industry 4.0?
2- Was Industry 4.0 named in the process after it happened like other revolutions?

Although the answer may seem complicated, it can be explained very simply. Pharma 4.0 is among the first revolutions whose applicability has been tried under the title of Industry 4.0. As Industry 4.0 is a process, it was neither named after nor before it happened.

Although Pharma 4.0 is considered as a part of the Internet of Things, which is one of the components of Industry 4.0, it also includes the Internet of Services (eg. cloud service) due to the implementation of traceability. Pharma 4.0 is a digital transformation that facilitates process management, quality improvement, operational efficiency and customer requirements by leveraging data.

Thanks to traceability, counterfeiting is prevented along with increased process efficiency. Apart from these, Pharma 4.0’s gains in the pharmaceutical supply chain are a transparent industry network, acceleration in recalls, protection of brand image and reduction in cost expenditures.


We don’t try to adapt to Pharma 4.0, we adapt with it

VISIOTT TPS has been one of the leading actors of digital transformation processes since 2005, thanks to the software and hardware systems developed by its expert engineers. Our innovations in pharmaceutical traceability, which started in 2009, are among the firsts of Pharma 4.0.

We continue to develop solutions within the scope of Industry 4.0 with the innovations we have developed for industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, medical devices, agrochemicals, civilian explosives. Well, what about meeting with Industry 5.0 to catch up with the speed of the aging world and to lead people to a more comfortable life? Standby…








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