Embracing the Future with GS1 Sunrise 2027

Embracing the Future with GS1 Sunrise 2027

In an era of rapid technological advancements, staying ahead in the industry is crucial for every business. At VISIOTT TPS, we are gearing up for an important shift in the landscape of product identification: the GS1 Sunrise 2027 initiative. This U.S.-based project aims to transition from traditional 12 or 13-digit barcodes to more sophisticated 2D codes, which we have considerable experience with.

Understanding GS1 Sunrise 2027

GS1 Sunrise 2027 represents a pivotal change in how products will be marked and identified. The move towards 2D codes, such as QR codes or Data Matrix, is expected to begin in 2027. Initially, both 2D codes and traditional barcodes will be used concurrently on packaging. Post-2027, manufacturers will have the option to fully switch to 2D codes. For a deeper understanding of the types of barcodes, you can refer to our blog on Barcode Types at VISIOTT TPS.

The shift to 2D codes isn’t without merit; these codes offer higher data capacity and provide a cost-effective solution for enhanced traceability and simpler product management. While we won’t delve deeply into all the benefits here, it’s important to recognize the significant improvements 2D codes bring to the table in managing product logistics and data handling.

Gs1 Sunrise 2027

VISIOTT TPS’s Proactive Approach

Observing the industry landscape, it appears that our competitors have not yet begun substantial work toward adapting to this upcoming change. At VISIOTT TPS, we believe in being proactive. Our plans include creating blog posts, short videos, and other digital content to educate and inform our clients and industry partners about GS1 Sunrise 2027.





Parallel to our digital content, we are engaging in discussions with GS1 officials and planning webinars and joint reports. Our participation in U.S.-based and international trade shows will include distributing brochures about GS1 Sunrise 2027, emphasizing our readiness, particularly for the food industry, which will benefit significantly from this transition.

We have been actively scanning available documents and engaging with GS1 officials to stay ahead of developments. Our continuous contact with key GS1 representatives ensures we remain at the forefront of this initiative.

At VISIOTT TPS, we are not just preparing for the future; we are defining it. Our commitment to adopting GS1 Sunrise 2027 is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in the industry. Join us as we navigate this transition, ensuring our products and solutions are aligned with global standards and future needs.








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