Agrochemical Track and Trace Solutions

The basic target of the Agrochemical Track and Trace project is to keep the amount of pesticide residue of crops which directly affect human health within limits determined by various organizations. Because the improper use of agrochemicals may cause irreparable harm to the public health. Moreover, agrochemical Track and trace systems are aimed to find solutions to issues such as unfair competition, counterfeiting and to prevent farmers from economic ruins.

The lifecycle of the products from the production to the field is traced by applying serialization and aggregation to each agrochemical product and packaging. This application called Agrochemical Track and Trace started to be implemented for the first time in the world in 2016 by the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkey. The lifecycle of all agrochemicals produced in Turkey is able to be traced by this application. The EU countries want to impose traceability for agrochemical products using the standard named CRISTAL which is supported by ECPA.

The equipment used in the production of agrochemical products must be produced with special components because of their abrasive and dangerous features. With its long experience in the agrochemical industry, VISIOTT ensures the product efficiency of its own-designed hardware to be the utmost level.

VISIOTT offers you innovative serialization and aggregation solutions for your agrochemical track and trace projects. You can easily implement agrochemical serialization operations by integrating this system into your current liquid and solid production lines. In addition, through our patented aggregation station, you can manage your case and pallet aggregations by extending your production line only one meter. We guarantee the success of your Track and Trace operations at plant level from the production of the products to the storage through VISIOTT LEVEL 3 Plant Manager software.

VISIOTT has successfully implemented more than 10 crop protection projects for track and trace. We have tried to summarize some of the important ones below.

Some labeling examples of our solutions

Agrochemical Serialization
Agrochemical Serialization Jam

HEKTAŞ, registered in BIST-100, is an important Turkish capital company in the world of the agrochemical industry. Hektaş produces herbicides, insecticides and fungicides in the form of liquid and solid in great volumes in its factory located at Gebze, Turkey. The company Hektaş preferred VISIOTT LEVEL Plant manager software, serialization, and aggregation for its Track and Trace projects in 2017.
ERTAR CHEMICAL PROJECT ERTAR chemical is a local producer that produces agrochemicals in the form of solid and liquid in Adana, which is located in the southern part of Turkey. Adana is of critical importance in the cotton industry for Turkey. Ertar started to operate VISIOTT’s serialization and aggregation solutions by combining them with its own ERP system.  VISIOTT is able to produce turnkey projects with its expert personnel to prepare, implement and commission agrochemical track and trace projects.
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