Agrochemical Aggregation

Agrochemical Aggregation Station for Liquid Products

The next step after serialization in track and trace projects is aggregation. This station that makes agrochemical aggregation operations for plastic bottles enables the aggregation of one hundred bottles per minute by monitoring the plastic bottles with an angle of 360° through its patented design. There is a traffic control mechanism on the system to separate the plastic bottles from each other. The codes whose quality is below a certain level according to ISO 15415 standards are separated from the system automatically. Our Agrochemical Aggregation Station can adapt to any size and shape of plastic bottle for your agrochemical aggregation operations. Thus, you will be able to implement the aggregations of your plastic bottles easily through this system.

Through our innovative design, you can implement your agrochemical operations by extending your production line only 150 cms. All the components which we used in the design of this station have been chosen from the materials resistant to abrasive chemicals. Furthermore, our system might easily be integrated into your turntable and robotic systems in your current production lines.

Agrochemical aggregation usually starts in case level. However, our VISIOTT LINE MANAGER software is able to prepare aggregations for bundle, case, pallet and container levels by focusing on track and trace operations. It can manage SSCC application to the cases manually, by printing and application or through direct transfer method according to the requirements of the operation. The 1D/2D codes are checked through a camera and the faulty products are separated from the line automatically.

The system is able to generate data in aggregation in compliance with EPCIS of GS1 or regulations predetermined by legislators.

Line Manager Software is specially designed and developed by VISIOTT. It supports work order and product recipe systems in accordance with the industrial dynamics. It is fully integrated with the Plant Manager software for LEVEL 3 pharmaceutical track and trace operation. 

VISIOTT offers you sustainable cutting-edge integration solutions into your current production lines for agrochemical aggregations. our expert technical personnel that are experienced in Agrochemical serialization and aggregation have enough necessary qualifications to offer you every kind of solution in plant and production line level. In addition, Our engineers collaborate closely with you to provide the right solution.

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Features for Agrochemical Aggregation Station for Liquid Products

  • Economical reading code system with an angle of 360°.
  • Ability to work with any size and shape of plastic bottles.
  • Innovative designs keeping the current operation speed.
  • Easy fast toolness setup mechanism.
  • Compact and efficient design.
  • Integration capability for robotics


Agrochemical Serialization and Aggregation

Design Information

Unit Code : AASLP-100
Design No
: VST0416
ID : 3712512