Accordion Conveyor

Accordion Conveyor

The accordion conveyor is a very practical system that enables the transportation of packed products from one point to another without needing any power. It is also called ‘Gravity Conveyor’ in the industry. Gravitational force is being used to transport the object which is placed on the system.The starting point of the conveyor should be 10 cm higher than the finish point for the system to work properly.

The accordion conveyor might be positioned unlimitless according to the requirements of the operations that will be used. It never needs maintenance since there are no solid parts on the system. This system, which might be combined into modules without any length limit, increases efficiency in many operations.

The accordion conveyor has been manufactured in accordance with the standards of an industry that will be used. The systems which are designed for the food and health  industry are being produced from high- quality stainless steel. In other sectors that do not require hygiene, these systems are manufactured from painted metal. This system is composed of small rollers and skatewheels placed on a shaft. The gravity conveyors might be produced as tailored-made for the customer in different width, length and load- carrying capacities. Gravity conveyors may be used to move boxes and cartons with firm. Roller or skatewheel sizes as well as spacing will vary. A good rule of thumb is that a minimum of three rollers must be under the box and carton at all times.

In our warehouse, there are always accordion/gravity conveyor systems that are produced in standard sizes. For more information, please contact us.

Distinguishing Features

  • Modular structure
  • Long-life rollers which do not require maintenance
  • Capable of carrying 50 kg
  • Special Design for hygienic environments
  • Adjustable module height
  • Optional stopper plate
  • Double row wheels with lock


Accordion Conveyor

Design Information

Unit Code: AWC-100
Design No
: VDT412
ID : 6464234